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What do you think of when you hear Municipal? Buildings, streets, government, taxes? I see Municipal as a collection of public spaces created for the social existance of man and his public use. It is a series of spaces and funtions encompassed by an invisible boundary or limit. What happens within these spaces involves people. Municipalities are made up of shopping center, office building, schools, parks, ballfields, homes, and the corridors that link them together. Designing for Municipal uses covers a variety of disciplines such as landscape architecture, architecture and engineering.
Landscape Architecture - Site Planning - Golf Course Design
Design Considerations
Space - Space is basically the areas formed by the relationship between objects and the human who perceives it.
Scale - Scale is the relationship between elemetns within the space and man.
Social Efficiency - Ability to create spaces and functions that people and people groups can interact within and together.
Cohesiveness - Linking the areas together by spacial definition.
Man Made Elements - Inanimate objects and speces created by man.
Natural Elements - Animate objects arranged or rearranged by man.
Organization - Materials should be sympathetic to perception of pedestrians & vehicles.
Geometric Patterns - Arrangement of man-made and natural elements in definite purposeful patterns to bring life to outdoor spaces.
Transitions - How you connect between spaces, functions, and buildings.
Light & Shadow - Arrange trees to provide shade and admit light in critical areas at appropriate times.
Materials - Select to create a sense of permanence.
Municipal Projects